The Dean’s braai (BBQ) at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary 

So I was invited by the Dean of Commeece to attend a family birthday party at a wildlife park. Though I have been on a few game drives, I was not prepared for the “wildlife” to be walking around through the picnic area. On the way into the park, I told the dean’s granddaughters–those warthogs are very dangerous. We are extremely wary of them in the States. 

When we got out of the car, warthogs were crawling under the picnic tables, eating fallen table scraps. Nobody seemed bothered by it. Like me, a few other tourists were crazy, taking several pics… Domesticated warthogs!

There was quite a spread at the braai and a great time was had by all.

For the foodies:

There was an assortment of green Salads, pasta salad with tuna… Rice dishes, biryanis (with lentils), creamed spinach (they use peanut butter in addition to the milk), beef curry, my local fav starch pap (cornmeal grits), and MEAT!! Pork, chicken, beef, woers (sausage) MEAT. Delish. I will obtain the biryani recipe from the dean’s daughter. It’s important. 

For the tour guide in me:

As an aside, There are “beehive” accommodations and a couple of family and couples cabins at the park. There’s a pool and hiking opportunities onsite. There’s also wifi-for a fee. The Nyala beehives are a pretty swank in an  “isolated” kind of way, at reasonable prices. BUT they are not heated/cooled so I think summer stays would be out for me though some locals stated that the beehive shape means heat rises… They also have a restaurant and bar with reasonable prices and very nice staff. 

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