So how’s it going?

Many of you see my travel tales and local pictures and wonder why I’m not posting more about my actual work here. Let me first say that the students are interesting. They are very reserved in class and I am tired everyday from dragging class participation out of them. 

The other part is they, like all students, want to see how far they can take the game with me because these students think I’m new. Though new to Swaziland, I’m not new to the game. Only the location has changed. Hopefully we’ll continue to settle in just fine with each other. The biggest laughs I get are when I speak SiSwati to them. My accent is hilarious. ROFLMAO hilarious. Okay. They are happy I’m trying.

My Fulbright project is underway. Professional development has been placed on the undergraduate commerce curriculum. The MBA program has also been approved. I have meetings set with CEOs of local companies and the Minister of Education (tomorrow). 

I continue to do research in order to help University relations and hope to have a concept brief laid out shortly. 

The Dean of the Faculty of Commerce is an absolute DREAM. Once we discussed my thoughts on my Fulbright project, she was ALL IN. She has made every move possible to enable me to complete my project. It has been a while since I have felt that we’re all working together for the common good at work. It’s really rewarding–already–even with just the groundwork laid. 

So politically it’s not beneficial to go into all aspects of what’s going on here in regards to the details… But over all, things are getting done and the work is as interesting as I thought it would be. 

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