“Africa–that’s a country I never visited.”

Yes, I get that a lot. I hear it mostly from bank and credit card customer service representatives as I try to untangle my financial life from security holds, blocked access due to my “unrecognized computer” which seems to be unrecognized every time I log on. Clearly though I initiated travel alerts to all of my services, my computer is unrecognized because I’m logging on from Africa. As they are chit-chatting with me through my paid Skype account, they ask about Africa. “Wow, that’s a country I’ve never visited…”

My involuntary response, “It’s a continent. I’m in Swaziland.”

“Oh, but Switzerland is in Europe, isn’t it?”

Me: “I’m paying a bit for this call, can you unblock my account?….

But I have found the cure to my local banking issues… A private banker. Though we don’t have nearly the net worth necessary to have a private banker in the U.S., I more than qualify for this service in Swaziland. One of my colleagues hooked me up with a private banker from Standard Bank. Gone are the days of waiting in the loooong queue just to be told to get in the other line… or just told “NO, you can’t do that.”

Private bankers come to your office. When you ask a question, they get on the telephone and find out how to GET IT DONE!!  There is a private banking lounge at the international airport in Manzini. How I love that banker, Linelwe. She is PERFECT.

She gave me a universal charger for my cell phone, logged my computer into the wifi and went to work, showing me how to use the functions on the bank’s website. She even called someone to find out how I could roam on the cell phone network when in South Africa so I could continue to use my online banking… Am I easily impressed? You know I’m not. No, this is not an advertisement for Standard Bank, but wow.

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