Ketchup Flavored potato chips

Of course the food is different here and I love it. It seems a lot like Caribbean food–and I love Caribbean cooking. Therefore, I really need to join a gym. Many of you know I run on the treadmill at home, in the A/C. So joining the gym here holds little allure for me…very similar to my feelings about gyms at home.

So, with the overabundance of mutton curry, boiled goat, cornmeal porridge, rice, and various types of other very appealing choices, how do I find myself pondering whether or not I like ketchup flavored potato chips? You ever eat something and think you kinda like it? Or maybe there’s something familiar about it that makes you eat another spoonful because you just can’t decide whether you like it? I actually ate a bag of “tomato sauce” potato chips, pondering that very question.

Tripe, no. African cottage cheese, NOOO. Amasi milk, NNNNOOOO. Ketchup potato chips… I guess if I don’t know, I should just leave them alone. I need another bad habit like I need another hole in my head…lol.

tomato sauce potato chips

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