Arrived safely in Johannesburg for my overnight layover 

So I’ve arrived in Joburg for my layover until flying to Swaziland tomorrow. The Protea OR Tambo Airport hotel (Marriott) is very affordable ~$87/nt and SUPER pleasant.

I’ve quelled the desperate bit of longing to talk to my father about my big adventure. I know I carry home in my heart everywhere I go. I did speak with my Hunny and my Big Boy–he lost his 3rd tooth in as many days. Apparently, it hasn’t affected his ability to eat. 

My 15 hour flight from Atlanta was uneventful, even pleasant. A while back,  I watched one episode of Black•ish in the first season and resolved not to watch again. But, I found myself cracking up at the second season. I think I watched six episodes… It was pretty entertaining. 

After researching a jazz club and a reggae dancehall in Joburg, I’ve decided to relax at the hotel instead. I have a big day tomorrow. 

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